Smartphone Ruining Your Relationship?

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is your smartphone or social media ruining your relationship?

Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone?

Smartphones are a great invention – and also a bloody curse! They have given us so much. We can call, text, take a photo, use a calculator, do our banking, pay our bills, surf the net, oh, and of course, not forgetting social media. We can annoy people by telling them we’re off on holidays, we can show them how good a time we’re having, we can peep into other people’s lives…..and it’s all right there in the palm of our hand.

Is your smartphone ruining your relationship? Do you find you come home from work and rather than chat with your wife or partner, you hear a notification and you whip out the phone and stare at the screen while you “half talk” to them? Or have you yourself noticed that sometimes in the evening it seems like your partner isn’t really in the room with you because they are on their smartphone or tablet and oblivious that you are even there?

Smartphone Ruining Your Relationship?

When relationships are good, there’s great communication. The two people want to chat to each other, share stories, are interested in the other partners stories, have fun, express love for each other, etc. Most human communication is non-verbal (see this great article by Jeff Thompson, PhD).

Whatever the real figure, the fact is that good quality communication between partners is essential for the health of the relationship.

Make Changes Now!!!

If you are a bit too addicted to you smartphone, here are some handy tips to help you become unaddicted and avoid your smartphone breaking up your relationship

  • Turn off notifications. Every app you install (eg, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) all have notifications turned on as standard.
  • Agree on a set time where you look at your smartphone. Eg. maybe you both agree that you can use your phones between 8pm and 9pm but they must be turned onto silent (no vibrations even) outside of that.
  • Tell work colleagues that there is a certain time after which it is not ok to call or text
  • Have a set time to check emails and only check them at that time.