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Relationship Counselling Cork – Is your relationship going through a bad patch? Are you arguing a lot or not seeing eye to eye? Or has something devastating happened – like one of you cheating? Whatever the reason for your current relationship problem, the most important thing to think about right now is – what’s the solution?

Relationship Counselling Cork – Common Problems

  • You both feel like you have drifted apart
  • You’re no longer having sex as much as you were, if at all
  • You’re arguing a lot
  • You feel like you’re being constantly criticized
  • One (or both) partner(s) develops an addiction – eg. gambling, alcohol, escorts, etc.
  • Discovering texts or messages on your partners phone or tablet

You Helped Us Save Our Marriage

When we came to see you, I was feeling hurt and angry at my husbands cheating and we were definitely on a road to the divorce courts. I must be honest – I didn’t think it would work but your no-nonsense approach and bluntness helped both of us to make the choices we needed to make to help our marriage survive. Because of you we are in a much better place now and genuinely happy again and communicating much better with each other.

Gillian (name changed to protect client confidentiality)

Relationship Problems Cork - What To Do Next

Sometimes, at a moment of crisis, we turn to a family member or close friend and confide in them. In certain circumstances, this can be a good thing but often, this can be a huge mistake. As an example, one couple who came to see me told me that he had been discovered going to see an escort. She told her mother and his sister in the heat of the moment. Their relationship eventually ended because even though they had tried to work at it, her mother would never let it go and kept bringing it up constantly.

The best thing to do is to do nothing for a couple of days. Wait! Let the initial strong emotions subside a little and then consider couples coaching. Good couples coaching requires that the coach is strong and always in control of the sessions. My ground rules are simple. My office is not there so that you can have a mud-slinging match. It's there to help you both to learn to communicate better.

Relationship Counselling Cork - Make An Appointment

The first place to begin is to make an appointment for a free initial consultation where I get to chat to you both, get a history of the problem from both of your perspectives and decide upon our desired outcome.

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