Life Coach Cork

Are you perfectly happy in your life? Happy in your job? Happy with your personal life? Happy in your relationship? Happy with your health? Happy with your weight? Happy with your finances? Happy with yourself? I’m guessing that if you’re looking on this website, you’re not perfectly happy with one or more of those areas or perhaps, not reaching your full potential. Many people feel “stuck”! And they don’t seem to be able to get “unstuck”. And that’s where a life coach can help you!

So, What Kind Of Life Do You Want?

Instead of focussing on the problem, how about we focus for a moment on the solution? What do you want? What will make you happy?

  • More confidence?
  • More assertiveness?
  • More self-belief?
  • More of a sense of security?
  • More money?
  • More career progression?
  • More motivation?
  • More exercising?
  • More feelings of self-control?


And here’s another thought to ponder – in five years time who will I be if I make no changes at all?

And here’s the flip side of that – in five years time, who will I be if I make powerful changes now, get the help (or coaching) that I need, and keep taking the action I need to take until I achieve what I really want to achieve?

Is Life Coaching Right For You?

Life coaching helps you to be able to see the wood from the trees – in other words, it helps you to get clarity first of all about what your specific goals are. Most people have far too vague notions about what they’d like to achieve. A really good coach helps you to very clearly identify and prioritise your goals. Secondly, a really good coach helps you to identify what exactly has been blocking you in the past and, working together, we come up with solutions.

Contact Cork’s Leading Life Coach Now

My name is Paul Hunter and as well as being Cork’s leading life coach, I am also a clinical hypnotherapist (Cork Hypnosis Clinic) and I have helped thousands of people over the past ten years to improve their confidence, eliminate fears and phobias, learn to communicate better, learn better relationship skills and generally to use their minds better and more efficiently to get the life they really want. I am regularly on Cork’s Red FM on the Neil Prendeville Show and many of my successes have been aired on that show. So if you’d like to make that change now, contact me right now using the contact form here on the homepage and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.